Macon Plastics

Who we are

Macon Plastics is a PVC fitting fabricator that sells to the Stormwater, Municipal/Underground, and Commercial plumbing market segment. Our products are available nationwide through various distribution networks.

YOUR Competitive Advantage

Complex plans and designs, tight timetables, and unexpected revisions can make installation complicated. At Macon Plastics, we’d like to make things just a little easier for you.

We manufacture Stormwater drainage structures to meet your engineered plans. That’s direct, but there’s a lot more. Macon Plastics specializes in custom-made configurations and we ship them very quickly. Ask our customers, and you’ll find out that we’re a preferred supplier – reliable, accurate, and on-time with delivery. They also don’t object to competitive pricing.

Macon Plastics’ Stormwater products are excellent choices for School and Sport Complexes, Commercial Developments, Parking Lots, Roads and Highways, Residential Developments, Golf Courses and Recreation Areas.

Got a problem? Please get in touch. Our customer service staff will respond quickly, with accurate information, and we’ll do our best to find a practical solution that will fit your timetable and your budget. Click the boxes below for more information about our Stormwater drainage products and for downloadable specifications, drawings, and instructions.